Well, pals, the last few weeks have been quite a rollercoaster, haven’t they? We were all ready to send out a whole bunch of thank yous after a flurry of puppet activity over the last few weeks and then… that storm.

So before we dive into some puppet-based expressions of gratitude, the entire Puppets Up! team just wants to say thank you to everyone who offered up a hot shower or cup of coffee to a neighbour; everyone who made the rounds with chainsaws and spare generators; everyone who opened up the Civitan Hall and recreation centres; and, of course, everyone who worked tirelessly to get the power grid up and running. 

We all know Almonte is a friendly town but the way all of Lanark County and the National Capital Region stepped up to help their neighbours and friends was truly heartwarming.

Now, some puppet-based thank yous 

While Puppets Up! is still a couple of months away, the last few weeks have been packed with puppet fun! Thank you to everyone who attended a Saturday Series show at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum or one of the performances of Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Basketballs at the old town hall. Thank you as well to the local businesses and professionals that sponsored these shows!

And it hasn’t just been about the shows! Thanks as well to everyone who paid us a visit at the Cheerfully Made spring market at the arena or the Ottawa Children’s Festival. Thanks as well to everyone who took the time to grab a bookmark or make a donation at the Puppets Up! display that’s making its way around Almonte. Every kind word or helpful contribution brings us one step closer to filling the town with puppet-loving pals this August.

And speaking of August…

Our pal Jacob has convinced us to keep his special “early bluejay” pricing in effect for a few more weeks but time is running out to save on your festival day passes! Buy before June 12 and you can be checking out the puppet fun for as little as $9 per day!



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