PuppetCon workshop

The Good, the Bad and the Fuzzy World of Making Puppet TV

Ever wonder how to put a television show together? Or how you can be a Producer of a TV show with puppets? Come and enjoy hearing about the ups and downs and the behind-the-scenes antics during Jamie Shannon’s own production of his TV puppet shows like “Nanalan” and “Mr Meaty”. You can learn from Jamie what’s involved in being a Producer and Puppeteer. Jamie has done it all himself and lived to tell the tale. Bring along your questions, and your curiosity..

Host: Jamie Shannon

Jamie Shannon is a Canadian writer, producer and puppeteer who has created many unique and offbeat puppet productions for television, including Nickelodeon’s Mr. Meaty (popular with teenagers), CBC’s Nanalan’ (for much younger children) and, most recently, The Barbarian and the Troll. During his PuppetCon workshop, he will talk and show videos about his career in television and lead you through all the steps of a production.


Almonte Old Town Hall – Green Room
14 Bridge Street, Almonte


Adults and kids age 10+


Sunday, August 13 (1:00 – 2:30 pm)