PuppetCon workshop

How to Make an Umbrella Dragon Puppet for Kids


Make a dragon out of umbrellas that have flapping wings! We pre-modify the opening and closing mechanism of an umbrella to give the animation of flapping wings. Kids paint, decorate, embellish, and add their own features. A wide range of supplies will be available to give their dragon the finishing touches to make each one look unique!

Host: Jeff Banks

Jeff Banks is a professionally trained artist who owns and runs JB Arts Store and Studio on Mill St. in Almonte. Jeff gives art lessons to adults and children throughout the year. In the summer he teaches popular summer art school for kids. Jeff is a big supporter of the arts in Mississippi Mills.


JB Arts

64 Mill St Almonte


Suitable for kids ages 6 – 12


Saturday, August 12 (1:00 pm – 3:30 pm)