ADHS Drama
“Peter Pan”
Ronnie Burkett
“The Loony Bin”
Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers
“The Legend of the Banana Kid”
Sutrisno Hartana
“Wayang Kulit”
Joshua Holden
“The Joshua Show”
Tim Holland
“Stunt Ventriloquist”
Puppetmongers Theatre
“Cinderella in Muddy York”
Rock the Arts Puppets
“The Good Vibe Tribe”
Jamie Shannon
“The Making of Mr. Meaty
and Nanalan”
DerRic Starlight
“DerRic Starlight Show”
Tanglewood Marionettes
“The Dragon King”
Théâtre Puzzle
“Plastique” and “Bois”
The Worlds of Puppets
(Bernd Ogrodnik)