The school year is almost over, minds are turning to summer plans and here at Puppets Up! Headquarters we’re counting down the days until the festival returns to the friendly streets of Almonte!

(It’s 64 days, by the way).

With that in mind, here are three things you can do right now to show your support and spread that puppet joy!

1) Get your tickets and wristbands

Early bird pricing is in effect until June 30 so there is no better time to buy your way into Puppets Up!

For those looking for the full, family-friendly festival experience, a wristband gets you first-come, first-served access to all of the daytime entertainment in our performance spaces around downtown Almonte. Come see talented performers from across North America including festival mainstays Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers, local legend Sarah Argue, the breathtaking artists from Tanglewood Marionettes and many more!

And for those looking for some more mature fun, tickets are also available for our two special adults-only shows: A Canadian in New York, an original show by Almonte’s own Jim Henson Company alumni Ben Durocher; and the beloved Saturday Night Cabaret, the raunchy and hilarious variety show where our festival performers let their hair down.

2) Sign up to volunteer

Puppets Up! is nothing without our volunteers. Literally. The entire festival is run by volunteers. And whatever your talents or level of experience, we need you!

We provide all of the training you need and a spiffy t-shirt to boot! All you need is a few hours to spare and a desire to be part of a magical weekend of whimsy, wonder and joy.

Oh and you need to fill out this form.

Whimsy, wonder, joy and just a tiny bit of paperwork.

It’s still a good deal, if you ask me.

3) Show some love to our sponsors (or better yet, join the list!)

And now a word from our sponsorship team!

Remember the laugh-out-loud fun that happens when we invite everyone into Almonte to make merry in August? Like our mighty Mississippi, the puppet magic flows throughout the town – up the streets, in the shops, on the Alameda and around the corner. You’ve been there. You were just so happy to be part of it all. And if this year is your first time – bravo you! We know you’re so excited ‘cause we are too! We just can’t wait. Really can’t.

Those folk who step up as sponsors? They help us make those memories. They’re all about community too, this community – and theatres, shows, and puppeteers! Take the time to drop in on some of the growing list of sponsors and give them a loud “Thank you!” for helping to make the magic happen for all of us.

Want to join the ranks of magic makers? Become a sponsor! Margaret and Heather (along with a long line of puppets & assorted people) can’t wait to hear from you at

A bonus thing you can do too

Before you go, how about forwarding this email to a friend? After all, as the great philosopher Aristotle once said: friends don’t let friends miss out on the Puppets Up! International Puppet Festival!

We might be paraphrasing.

And misattributing.

And, frankly, carrying this joke too far.

See you in 64 days, puppet pals!



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