Sean Isaacs, owner of Alliance Coin and Banknote in Almonte, is the driving force behind bringing this Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet) puppeteer to Puppets Up! in 2022. Sean has a strong relationship with the Ottawa Embassy of the Republic of  Indonesia and, together, they are co-sponsoring Mr. Sutrisno Hartana, an Indonesian teacher and Artist now living and working in Vancouver.

Sutrisno, master of Javanese gamelan music and Wayang puppetry,  performs internationally throughout Asia, Europe and North America in both traditional and contemporary work. In 2004, the King of Paku Alaman garnered him the title “Mas Lurah Lebda Swara” making him a court musician at the Paku Alaman Palace in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He has toured/performed/taught internationally in both traditional and contemporary performances throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

During a wayang kulit performance, the dahlang (puppeteer) holds the intricately carved leather puppets up against a white cloth screen in front of where they sit, and a bright lamp above their head forms shadows of the puppets on the screen. The audience may view the shadow from the other side of a screen or they can enjoy the play on the dalang’s side.

Bringing Sutrisno Hartana to Almonte is Sean’s way of celebrating a special anniversary in which Indonesia and Canada, are marking their many years of Diplomatic Partnership.



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