Puppetmongers Theatre‘s David and Ann Powell are brother and sister who have been performing with puppets for almost all of their lives.  They founded and continue to run a renowned puppet school and puppet theatre company in Toronto and are extremely well respected in the North American puppetry community.  

Puppetmongers reset the much loved classic tale in 1834, just as “Muddy” York is to be renamed Toronto, where the very Canadian Cinderella is expected to cater to every whim of her recently immigrated stepmother and sisters.  With a little magic and some imaginative special effects our resourceful girl manages to get herself to the Ball – where she meets Princely Charming, the son of the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada – and to the satisfying conclusion of the story.

The performance is ingeniously staged with a traditional marionette theatre that transforms, as the story unfolds, into scenes evoking the wilderness, settler life and early Canadian society.



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