With festival preparation in full swing we urgently need one or two folks to help us!

Event Delivery Lead: As part of the revival of the Puppets Up festival in 2022, enthusiastic and committed volunteers are hosting a number of awareness-creation and fundraising events in the months leading up to the main festival. We need someone to help coordinate these events! This is a stellar opportunity for volunteers (particularly first-time volunteers) to get a front row look at what goes into and what goes on behind the scenes! The Event Delivery Lead would coordinate the necessary volunteer support with the event producer(s) and liaise with producer(s) and operational leads for communication, finance and tech to ensure a coordinated effort and alignment on event goals.

Nick Wrangler: Ever wanted to wrangle a mascot? A volunteer is needed to arrange and schedule appearances of the beloved Puppets Up! ambassador Nick the Mascot. This will include booking the volunteers to appear as Nick (we have a few), arranging transportation for them and helping Nick at his appearances.

Please email kris@thehumm.com if you are interested or would like further information about any of them.



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