People of Almonte (and those who love to visit), the rumours you’ve heard are true. Today we’re officially kicking off the campaign to bring Puppets Up! back to our lovely community from August 12-14, 2022. 

And we need your help! 

Specifically, we need you to do three things: 

    1. Make sure you stay connected
      Did you know we have a mailing list? We do! You can get on it here. You can go do that right now, we’ll wait here…

      Ok, I think we’re all back? Great! Now that the mailing list thing is sorted, you should also go follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. Don’t worry, we’ve got lots of fun content to share on those channels over the next few months.

      Everyone back again? Perfect. That’s it for number one. On to number two!
    2. Dig deep, if you can
      Look, this is the awkward part, obviously. But it doesn’t have to be! Let’s make donating fun and cool and hip! All the cool kids are doing it!

      This festival is a grassroots affair, entirely organized by volunteers. Which means that every cent you donate helps bring puppets, performers, and those great big tents to town.. See? How cool is that?

      And we’ve made it easy too — you can donate from the comfort of your couch. Simply head to the donation page and donate via credit card or e-transfer. Not comfortable donating online? Send an email to and we’ll sort something else out.
    3. Tell your friends!
      Ok, you’ve signed up for the emails, followed us on social and chipped in a few bucks or more. And we are so, so grateful! But can we impose on you for one more favour? It’s an easy one. Simply send this post to three people who would be just as excited about the return of Puppets Up! as you are. That’s it. No long explanation or links or anything for this one. Just please help us spread the word!

See? Easy! Now stretch out those arms because we are getting our puppets up!



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