Why sponsor Puppets Up?

Established brand

Sponsors get access to the established and beloved Puppets Up! brand, built during the festival’s successful run from 2004 through 2016, attracting tens of thousands of attendees and performers from around the world.

incredible reach

Your logo and message will connect not just with the people of Almonte, part of the fast-growing community of Mississippi Mills, but since we’re located less than an hour from Ottawa and an easy day’s drive from Toronto and Montreal you’ll benefit from incredible reach.

credible leadership

Puppets Up! remains under the steady hand of Noreen Young, an Order of Canada winning puppet creator and performer whose resume is unmatched in the industry. You’re not just sponsoring a festival, you’re rubbing elbows with a legend.

range of price points

Rooted in a sense of community, sponsorship packages are available to suit any budget. Show your connection to your community and receive valuable exposure regardless of your spend.

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